Friday, October 2, 2009

Just when I think I know what I am doing...

...A situation pops up to remind me that I am NOTHING without HIM!

Today, I am reminded how hard it is for young people, who attend Public school, or do not have spiritual support from home, or both, to take a stand in their Christian lives. I must change my mindset and realize that often they do not need my reproof, they need a loving reminder that they are somebody and God wants them to succeed! They need a "spiritual coach" so to speak encouraging them along the race when they get discouraged. They need to know someone is cheering for them and PROUD of their progress as a Christian no matter how seemingly small. I need not be the "yelling" type coach who hollers all the time when I FEEL they should be more spiritually mature in a given area. I am NEVER to make decisions with them that a parent should make, Mom and Dad are ALWAYS #1, no matter who Mom and Dad are. I can however coach them along when they ask for help and encourage them in their spiritual race. I reminded a young person just recently that it is ok if you feel like quitting, as long as you don't!

Thank you, God, for challenges; they drive me to my knees!

The more young people I work with from broken or un-churched homes the more thankful I become for my godly Christian parents. They were willing to sacrifice "extras" to see that I had the privilege of attending Christian school. They did their utmost to see I was raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Thank you, Lord, for my godly heritage! I love you, Dad and Mom!

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