Friday, October 9, 2009

HILARIOUS game to play!

Ok...if you ever take a bus ride and need a game to play or even in the teen center, etc, this one is SOO fun!

Animal Calls...
Cut up small slips of paper (as many as you have teens). Write an animal name on each, be sure there are at least 2 of each animal. (Ex. 2 slips of paper say rooster, 2 slips of paper say, sheep, dog, etc.) Give each teen a slip of paper. They may not open till you say go. Explain to them that when you say "Go" they are to open their piece of paper and begin making the sound of their animal. They may not make any hand motions or say any words. The first team to find the other person making the same animal noise wins!

We did this on a bus ride and just BUSTED up laughing! As soon as we said go, all you could hear was...MEOW MEOW, WOOF WOOF, Maaaaa Maaaaa, etc. etc. HILARIOUS! Gotta love teenagers!

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