Friday, October 9, 2009

Being married to a Youth Pastor is fun!

Dan makes things fun wherever he goes, and I always get to be there! We got to watch our Christian school basketball team, the Arlington Patriots, win a 49-23 victory over the Hopewell Huskies (Bro. Mike Ray's church in Napa. Always enjoy getting to see good Christian friends from other churches!) I get to keep stats, which I LOVE!! Dan keeps the scoreboard and keeps things lively with his iPod and speaker, playing college fight songs, and all kinds of other goofy songs...Charlie Brown, Jeopardy, The Price is Right, etc! The kids just love him!

I have learned so much balance from him. You can't be so uptight about your kids being the "perfect Christians" in their appearance to others, that you do not take time to be real with them. He has taught me SO MUCH about the importance of...just relax and have a good time. Build up your bank account of good times, so there is plenty of excess when you need to withdraw in reproof. This is such a vital lesson in reaching the hearts of your young people! Thank you, God, for the amazing man you have given me!

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