Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great time of soul-winning with the teens!

WOW! great group of kids out soul-winning today...19! We have a good group when everyone shows up at once! We also had the privilege of seeing 11 people trust Christ! Our kids are a blessing.

Ever hesitant to go soul-winning and need a recharge? Go with a group of teens! I love their zeal! One of our girls personally saw 5 people saved today! I love watching them get on the bus, as we go back around and pick up all the groups, and hear them talk about the people they talked to and their soul-winning experiences. It builds our confidence when we get to talk to other people about "what happened to me" out soul-winning. To be honest, I ALWAYS have to talk myself into going out EVERY time the bus stops. There is a little "shy Helen" inside me that would just rather stay on the bus, even after 17 years of soul-winning! However, once I make myself get out there and talk to the FIRST person, God lights that fire of boldness inside of me! Thank you, God, for the accountability of working with young people.

Good lesson from Pastor about Joshua at church tonight. We are studying different characters of the Bible. Great day!

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