Wednesday, October 21, 2009

God can use anyone with a desire to be used!

Every Wednesday afternoon we have the privilege of taking our teens out soul-winning. One of our young men who is only 13, I believe, just led his first soul to the Lord about 3 weeks ago. He has really gotten excited about this thing of soul-winning. Today he personally led 8 PEOPLE to the Lord! WOW! Makes us "accomplished" soul-winners stop and take a look at our zeal for leading others to Christ. While we were waiting for our last group of teens to finish up witnessing to a family, this young man and his partner ran around the corner to try to witness to one more person before we left!! May we never lose sight of the importance of going into "the highways and hedges" as God commanded and leading a lost soul to Christ.

I had the privilege of leading a young lady named Bruchea to Christ today and hopefully, with parental permission, she is going to be coming and visiting my Sunday school class this Sunday morning!

We had 14 teens (plus Dan and I) go out and...drum roll...20 PEOPLE SAVED!! WOW!! What a privilege it is to work with teens; we have such a GREAT group!! Thanks, God, for using us!!

Of course, there is the usual hilarity in the church van (we probably should have had the bus with 16 people crammed in that van!). Dan and I just laugh as we listen to the never ending interesting topics of conversation...Today, Hmmmm?!...The extra skin on your elbow, and how far can you stretch it...why some earlobes are attached to your head and some aren't...and the fun goes on and on!! Dan said we need to have a camera attached to the dashboard and just film some of the hilarious topics of discussion! Gotta love it!

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