Monday, November 30, 2009

A Tribute to a Great Man...

A Tribute to a Great Man...Dr. Don Boyd.

I was saddened to learn that my high school principal, Dr. Don Boyd of Hammond Baptist High School, passed away. He has been battling serious cancer and finally succumbed Sunday evening around 11:30 pm, I believe. He has now graduated to Heaven and I know he is happy and free from pain! I know his family must be deeply hurting right now and I myself so DESPERATELY wish I could be in Indiana for his funeral.

He taught me SO much and played a HUGE role in helping me become the person I am today. He was a man of amazing wisdom and much compassion. He so dearly loved the kids he served, and no one could deny that he was a servant.

He always had a "funny" or practical joke up his sleeve. Mr. Boyd was a man with always a spark of mischief in his grin, who made it obvious that he just loved to be around "his kids." He had a "quick wit" which, of course, is a necessity to work with teenagers! He could always dish out a comeback as quick as an insult was thrown; and anyone who works with teenagers knows that insults are always in rapid fire!

Even when Mr. Boyd lost his eye to cancer years ago, it never dampened or changed his spirit. I never one time remember him using this as an excuse to be pitied. He often turned his trial into something funny. I remember MANY a time he would touch his glass eye (or take it out! SICK!) and say..."Remember kids, I've got my EYE on you!"

Senior Seminar class was always one of my FAVORITE hours of the day! Whether it was watching one of the completely boring videos on electricity, plumbing (or some other "commodity"), listening to one of his wisdom-packed lessons, or working as a class to lead him off on a "rabbit trail" so we didn't have to learn anything that day...I LOVED Mr. Boyd! His kind countenance told each young person he met in the hallways of Hammond Baptist High School that he cared for them even if he spoke not a word.

Mr. Boyd poured his heart out in many a chapel message and always spoke with great fervor. He warned us with passion to avoid the wiles of the Devil. He had such a desire for his young people to see how wonderful and rewarding the Christian life could be! He taught us the importance of learning how to make the right decisions and choices in every little area of life. I am more and more thankful each day that I had a team of godly people investing in my life and pointing me down the right path. What a happy thing it is to serve the Lord with my life! Thanks, Mr. Boyd, for playing a HUGE role in teaching me this truth.

The absence of his spirit will leave a large vacancy, and I am saddened that the next generation will not have the opportunity to know such a man. I thank God for another godly generation of leaders who are leading the young people of Hammond Baptist Schools! I also thank God for the years I was privileged to spend under his tutelage. There was NO question...Mr. Boyd knew God!! This was evidenced in every single aspect of his life.

Mr. Boyd, if you are looking over my shoulder reading this from up in Heaven, I want you to know that I hope to repay your investment in my life by investing my life in others. Working with teenagers is a wonderful opportunity. I hope to pass on to them some of the many many things that you taught me in the halls and classrooms of Hammond Baptist High School. I am grateful for your selflessness and the sacrificial giving of your time. I learned as much, perhaps even more, from watching your consistent Christian life, as I learned in the classroom.

Mrs. Boyd, I want to thank you for sharing your husband with us. I know he must have spent many long hours and dealt with many situations that may have taken him from family time. I want you to know that I will try my best to be sure my life repays the debt I owe to a great man who will be sorely missed...Dr. Don Boyd.

Helen Callaghan

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