Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Group of Teens!

We had a good Sunday in our teen department. Sunday school attendance has been up. We had 23 teens there Sunday morning and one visitor! That is a GREAT number for our small church. We have had a teen visitor in Sunday school every week of the program! One of them has come back for every Sunday morning and Sunday evening service since the first week! God is good. We also saw 2 saved and one baptized in the morning service.

Sunday night I had the privilege of playing the piano for one of our teen young men to sing a solo. He did such a GREAT job and it is so rewarding to see your young people choose to live their lives for God. I tell my teen girls often that I don't want to MAKE them become good Christians. I want them to have their own desire and make the choice. God wants our willing love and service.

My "Lessons for Ladies" this Sunday was on "Conformed Christian or Transformed Christian." I encouraged my girls to not only learn to "look and act" like a Christian on the outside, but to transform their hearts. When our hearts are transformed we will have no problem making the changes on the outside. I have such teachable young ladies! This is, I believe, one of THE most important character traits a Christian can possess! I LOVE what I have the privilege of doing every Sunday!

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