Monday, November 9, 2009


I have an AMAZINGLY great report to post about our Sunday!

One of our teen girls has been praying for, I think, about 2 years for her mom to come to church and to be saved. She and her cousins convinced her mom to come with some family yesterday to church for the first time! We were SO excited. During our invitation time I slipped to the back of the auditorium where she was sitting and asked her if I could show her some verses from the Bible to help her in her life. She agreed and sat down with me right there in the back. I was able to open the Word of God and show her the only way to Heaven. She listened, bowed her head, and sweetly asked the Lord to take her to Heaven.

I was moved to tears as we prayed thinking that God would use ME to do such an amazing work in someone's life! WOW! If anyone ever says that serving the Lord is boring, they must not really be serving the Lord! The Lord's work is the greatest work in the world!

Thank you, God, for working through ME!

We also had a great number of teens there on Sunday morning, about 26, I think!

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