Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks, God!!

I just had to pause and thank God for a wonderful Christian home! What a privilege!!

We had such a wonderful happy family night. A warm yummy pot of homemade soup at the kitchen table...the sounds of a "Daddy and Darren" basketball game while I cleaned the kitchen...a few rousing games of "Hungry Hippo"...a few good "oldie" cartoons, 1937 Mickey Mouse and another old Chip and Dale...tucking my sweet Darren man into bed...enjoying a fire in the fireplace and a hot cup of tea with my Babe...The hardest working husband around heading off to work to provide for our family...and now the last bit of our nice fire with the end of an old faithful Hallmark movie and another bit of hot tea!

Ahhhh, why wouldn't ANYONE want to invite God into their homes?! We are so privileged to follow the sweet and happy will of God! What a wonderful, wonderful place to be! During every moment of our lives, good or bad, home with Christ as the center is a sweet haven!

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