Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sweet Service....

I just finished watching the "Heavenly Graduation" service for Dr. Don Boyd. It was a sweet tribute to the life of a truly amazing and exemplary Christian. There were some tears, some laughter over sweet and fond memories, and a time to give God solemn thanks for the time we were privileged to spend under the influence of Mr. Boyd's life. The music, as always at First Baptist, was sweet and appropriate.

I tearfully watched the family say their final goodbyes to daddy, sweetheart, grandpa, and beloved relative. Mrs. Boyd left her husband with a sweet kiss and long hug. The actions and composure of the family were a sweet testimony of a trust in a God who is bigger than our hurts. There was not an attitude of despair; sadness, yes, but an obvious reliance on God's grace and strength during a hard time. Even in death, Mr. Boyd's faith and trust in God was evidenced by the sweet testimony of his family.

I wish I could have been there to stand as an alumni who had the privilege of being under his leadership. But, as stated in my last post in tribute, I will strive to say my thanks by serving God with my life and pass on the legacy of Christianity Mr. Boyd handed down to us.

Thanks, Mr. Boyd, your life will not be forgotten! We love you!

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