Monday, January 11, 2010

Serving the Lord is SO rewarding!

During the Sunday evening service, I was blessed as I watched 6 of our young people step up to the platform and sing the song "In Christ Alone." As I looked at each, I considered their lives, how much they have grown spiritually and what some of them have had to overcome to stand on that platform.

It brought tears to my eyes as I thanked God for the PRIVILEGE of being used to help influence the lives of young people. What an honor, with which comes amazing rewards!

May we all challenge ourselves in 2010 to be a helpful spiritual influence to someone this year. It has always been my personal goal, in any ministry with which I am involved, to be able to look in the crowd and pick out at least one person for whom I can say, "They would not be serving the Lord in that capacity today if it weren't for my influence." NOT to be boastful, simply to know that I am busy for God and yielding my life to Him as a vessel to be used for others.

Just wanted to say, "Thank you, God, for using ME!"

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