Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ain't God good?

" give us SO MANY blessings?!"

As kids, we used to sing in the car on the way to church. We always lived a pretty good distance from church; so almost every trip to and from we would sing. I LOVED it! That is where I developed an ear for hearing parts and harmonizing. One of our old favorites was, "Ain't God Good to Give us SO MANY Blessings" especially when Dad would throw his good clear bass voice in there! Precious memories!

I thank God for my godly Christian parents! We never wondered if we would be going to church on any given service. If there was a service going on...we were there...Period! Unless we were dying! (And I Thank God for that now, by the way!) But, I looked forward to every service and the fellowship. Mom and Dad made church fun for us.

We would always share things about the service in the car on the way home. (Usually laughs at a funny joke the preacher said or something funny that happened!) We would share little "knowing glances"during the service with an inside joke or family thought. Mom and Dad just knew how to make everything we did a "happening."

I still LOVE church and look forward to every service and time of fellowship. Church services are the highlight of my week. I think much of that was mentally inbred as a young child. Those drives to church, all of us together at once, doing nothing but talking and singing! (How grateful I am that we did not have cell phones or ipods!)

My little man looks forward to church now as well. On the way to every church service, we talk about who we will see and what we get to do when we get there. (ours is only about a 5 minute drive so not too much time for singing!) I hope to pass on to my son the same precious memories associated with church that my parents shared with me! Someday I hope he will be able to look back to these times with the same fondness.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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  1. I love church too and grew up always going, same as you. Thank God for Christian parents! I enjoy teaching Sunday School and have done it for years. I hope I can continue for many more!