Monday, December 14, 2009

The privilege of prayer...

WOW! Great weekend! God is good!

One of our teenagers, who has been involved in our ministries for 7 years and is currently a senior in our Christian school, finally got his mom to attend our church service for the first time 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, she accepted Christ as her Saviour, walked the aisle and got baptized! How exciting! Gives us the reassurance and reminder that we should never stop praying. We never know how long an answer to prayer may take.

What a privilege to pray! This was a great reminder to me to never stop praying for the needs of others. We have access to the Creator of the Universe, and the opportunity to speak to Him any moment of every day! WOW! May we never lose sight of this privilege and daily take advantage of the gift of prayer.

We also had our church-wide adult Christmas party this past Saturday evening. We had a great group of people there and LOTS of food! It was potluck, so we had a very yummy variety of foods and a fun time of games and fellowship.

Isn't it a wonderful thing to have "church family?" I cannot imagine the void it would leave if we did not have this wonderful extension of our family. It is a wonderful thing to center every aspect of our lives around Christ and the church. I am always grateful to God for the Christian family he has given me, but the gratitude is even more keenly felt around the holidays. The comfort and security of a Christian home and a husband who loves God is such a priceless gift.

May we stop to thank God for His many gifts to us!

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