Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A HUG from God...

A HUG from God, today!

I am hosting a formal banquet for my teen girls on February 12th. I have been trying to find a formal for myself without spending a fortune. I went looking at thrift stores today.

As I was driving, I told God..."Ok, God, I am trying to be frugal and not spend money we don't have. I don't have anything formal to wear, so if you want me to save money, please help me to find something nice today!"

I went to 3 thrift stores. The first two had some pretty things, but nothing to suit me. As I walked in the last store, I saw a sign...50% off of ALL women's clothing today!! And of course, God had a BEAUTIFUL dress waiting for me, just my size!

I was able to buy a beautiful full-length formal gown and a velvet half-sweater to match it. I paid...(are you ready?)...$2.50 TOTAL!

THAT was my HUG from God!

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